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Holiday Felt Bow Fabric Hard Headband

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These new fabric hard headbands are preppy, cute and the perfect transition from nylon headbands into a more grown up style for your preschoolers.

Hard headband is fabric-lined and embellished with a 4-inch felt bow. The headband width is approximately 1/2 inch, and is suitable for almost any age, but recommended for ages 2 and up.

Choose one of the headbands pictured in the dropdown menu.

Options include:
1. Crimson Red Felt Bow on Evergreen Sprinkle
2. Navy Blue on Navy + Green Plaid
3. Crimson Red Bow on Classic Christmas (red/green) plaid
4. Red Bow on White Holly Fabric
5. Evergreen Bow on Navy + Red Plaid
6. Tomato Red Bow on Winterberry Fabric