We're moving! BJB is is moving to the midwest this summer! The shop is closed for now while we prepare for our cross-country move.

Meet the Maker

Hi, friends! Thanks for stopping by JackByrd Handmade. We know there are thousands of awesome small shops out there, and we truly appreciate that you chose to support ours. 

I'm Leah, a stay-at-home-but-mostly-out-adventuring Colorado mama to two small kiddos. I opened JackByrd Handmade in 2015 when I welcomed not only my own baby girl to the world, but also three nieces. Talk about excitement! I fell in love instantly with the creative outlet (and let's be honest, also the time to myself) making headbands offered, and the shop quickly blossomed to life. I was inspired to create a brand that paired my pull to nature with my classic taste in fashion. I whole-heartedly believe floral crowns and dresses belong out exploring nature as much as boots and backpacks, and you'll see that reflected in my pieces.

JackByrd Handmade is a collection of handmade accessories and curated gifts. Felt + more! Thanks for stopping by!