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Fiber Art Felt Floral Gold Hoop Wreath

Fiber Art Felt Floral Gold Hoop Wreath

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This listing is for the handmade felt floral gold (brass) hoop wreath pictured. Hang it in your little one's nursery or on your own wall to make your space feel your own. It is a showstopper, and you will not be disappointed. Each felt flower and succulent is handmade, and the yarn used in the macrame design is 100% wool.

The hoop size pictured is 12 inches. A smaller hoop will hold slightly smaller flowers and shorter yarn strands. Each piece is made by hand, and therefore will be unique. The macrame yarn design on the bottom of the wreath is delicate and should be kept away from little grabbing hands. :)

Turnaround time is 1-2 weeks.

This wreath is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. It will have a limited lifespan if used outdoors with no protective covering. As with any wreath, some fading may occur over a period of time if placed outdoors or in direct sunlight.